Artist and songwriter, Miscelanyus, was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. She began her musical career in her early teens, and gained inspiration from such artists as Nas, Queen Latifah and The Wu Tang Clan. 

In 2006, Miscelanyus signed with one of the top management companies in Virginia, G-Man Management, LLC.  G-Man Management took the time to reinvent her sound and ensuring her style was developed as she has seen great success throughout the years. 

For Miscelanyus her accolades and accomplishments have landed her music in markets worldwide. Her music has been featured on major networks such as MTV and VH1. Because of the strong vocals and exceptional lyricism, she has had the opportunity to opens shows for legendary Artists such as Rakim, KRS-1, and Wu-Tang Clan.  Throughout the years Miscelanyus has matured as an artist, explored other avenues such as hosting and entrepreneurship. In 2020 she has continued to excel by building her brand as well as her catalog with future projects and collaborative efforts with other artists and producers. 

 Miscelanyus determination to succeed as an artist is fueled by her desire to give back to her community.